LOL Team Ultra Prime

To achieve their goal, some try to educate newcomers in the team and turn them into professionals. Others try to recruit already known and experienced esports players from the top teams of UP. Team UP is one of the most successful and recognizable teams in LOL. The team has long been entrenched in the major league and is not going to leave it.

Team UP wins at eSports tournaments, shows a bright game and has thousands of fans around the world. Let's have a look at the statistics. At the moment, the team's results are as follows: 21 wins and 41 losses. During its existence, this team of gamers has earned - in prize money by winning various championships. There the team took and earned as a reward.

  • China

  • 41

  • 21

  • LOL


Last games

Date Rival Result
25.02.23 EDG EDG Draw
21.02.23 OMG OMG Draw
18.02.23 WBG WBG Draw
13.02.23 LGD LGD Draw
10.02.23 TES TES Draw
07.02.23 TT TT Draw
03.02.23 FPX FPX Draw
31.01.23 AL AL Draw
18.12.22 FPX FPX Lose