LOL Team Kwangdong Freecs Challengers

Such an e-sports discipline as LOL is a very popular direction, which is becoming more and more widespread every day. In LOL, player transitions from one team to another have become quite common. Every eSports player may have their own thoughts about which team to build their career in. However, despite all this, the team was able to earn almost -.

Many professional players want to join KDF.C. This desire seems logical, since the total number of victories of this KDF.C team from Republic of Korea is many times higher 36 than the number of defeats - 43.

However, if you look at the LOL industry as a whole, this goal is quite achievable. Until recently, many believed that the e-sports discipline LOL cannot be compared to traditional sports, as they are completely different competitive disciplines. However, this myth has long been dispelled, and the sphere of LOL is actively adopting world-class sports features.

  • Republic of Korea

  • 43

  • 36

  • LOL


Last games

Date Rival Result
16.03.23 HLE.C HLE.C Draw
14.03.23 BRO.C BRO.C Draw
09.03.23 KT.C KT.C Draw
07.03.23 LSB.Y LSB.Y Draw
03.03.23 DK.C DK.C Draw
02.03.23 DRX.C DRX.C Draw
24.02.23 T1.C T1.C Draw
20.02.23 GEN.A GEN.A Draw
16.02.23 DK.C DK.C Draw