LOL Team Ion Squad

Accordingly, the total earnings of ION players are quite significant. This is a team game in which the skill of the gamer plays a decisive role. That is why every professional esports organization dreams of the best ION team. For the ION team from Belgium, a high place in the world ranking is a matter of course. This is quite understandable, because this ambitious team has long been representing ION esports at the professional level.

Someone leaves the team because they see no opportunities for development in ION, someone is attracted by the money offered by the managers of a third-party esports team, etc. Based on statistics, they do it very successfully, because the total number of team victories is not comparable to the number of defeats - 28 wins and 37 defeats.

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  • Belgium

  • 37

  • 28

  • LOL


  • Flif
  • Crow

Team Achievements

Date Tournament Tournaments / Earnings Place Earnings
ES 2022 Spring ES 2022 Spring
$ 1 137
$ 1 137
BL 2021 Spring BL 2021 Spring
$ 1 669
$ 1 669

Last games

Date Rival Result
20.09.22 KVM KVM Lose
19.09.22 NLE NLE Lose
12.09.22 ZNT ZNT Win
03.09.22 RIFT RIFT Lose
03.09.22 AGEM AGEM Lose
20.07.22 S1 S1 Win
18.07.22 mCon mCon Lose
13.07.22 GENK GENK Lose
11.07.22 AGC AGC Lose
06.07.22 7AM 7AM Win