LOL Transfers

Date Date / Player Nickname Name Old Team / New Team Old Team New Team
Чехия Nightshare
Чехия Nightshare Tomáš Kněžínek IMT.A IMT IMT
США Dhokla
США Dhokla Niship Doshi CLG.A CLG CLG
Китай Lele
Китай Lele Dang Bo-lin FPB FPX FPX
Польша Selfmade
Польша Selfmade Oskar Boderek VIT VIT VIT
Китай Harder
Китай Harder Zhou Shi-hao AL.Y AL AL
Голландия GG Sir
Голландия GG Sir Stijn Drissen NLE LION LION
Бельгия Achilles
Бельгия Achilles Afidullah Hamid NLE LION LION
Голландия YallaSafSaf
Голландия YallaSafSaf Safièn Godthelp NLE LION LION
Бельгия Tchokez
Бельгия Tchokez Steven Hertogs NLE LION LION
Корея Gori
Корея Gori Kim Tae-woo FPX PSG PSG
Китай Lpc
Китай Lpc Huang Hao JDG JDM JDM
Германия Rain
Германия Rain Fabian Prenzel mYi 7AM 7AM
Бразилия Hugato
Бразилия Hugato Hugo Dias De Faria NMG NMG.A NMG.A
Италия Finalyop
Италия Finalyop Wael Tahiri EUS TTE TTE
Австралия Tron
Австралия Tron Thomas Garnsworthy MEC MEC MEC
Китай Aliez
Китай Aliez Huang Hao UP UPA UPA
Китай Dream
Китай Dream Tan Wen-xiang 87 V5 V5
Китай haichao
Китай haichao Zhang Hai-chao LGD.Y LGD LGD
Китай xiaodai
Китай xiaodai Dai Hong-fei BLG.J BLG BLG
Китай Duan
Китай Duan Duan De-liang BLG.J BLG BLG
Германия Sapphire
Германия Sapphire Jakob Rietschel AF A41 A41
Германия Deletus
Германия Deletus Christoph Steib BFR.A 7AM 7AM
Голландия Gaboesh
Голландия Gaboesh Gabriel Yacoub MRG ION ION
Корея Raptor
Корея Raptor Jeon Eo-jin BRO BRO.C BRO.C
Корея Courage
Корея Courage Jeon Hyeon-min KDF.A KDF.C KDF.C
Корея Seraph
Корея Seraph Shin Woo-yeong LSB.A LSB.Y LSB.Y
Тайвань Ziv
Тайвань Ziv Chen Yi EDG.Y EDG EDG
Вьетнам TLong
Вьетнам TLong Đặng Thành Long BRO.A BRO.C BRO.C
Польша Agresivoo
Польша Agresivoo Tobiasz Ciba BDS.A BDS BDS
Польша Erdote
Польша Erdote Robert Nowak BDS.A BDS BDS
Франция Adam
Франция Adam Adam Maanane BDS BDS.A BDS.A
Китай Zoom
Китай Zoom Zhang Xing-ran TES UP UP
Китай View
Китай View Chen Yu-ming WE WE.A WE.A
Китай Stay
Китай Stay Guo Yi-yang WE WE.A WE.A
Германия Irrelevant
Германия Irrelevant Miro Joel Scharoll MSF.P MSF MSF
Турция Carry
Турция Carry Mustafa Selim Yılmaz FB.A FB FB
Турция Ruep
Турция Ruep İlker Bilen FB.A FB FB
Турция 361efe
Турция 361efe Efehan Ordulu FB.A FB FB
Турция Naak Nako
Турция Naak Nako Kaan Okan FB.A FB FB
Германия Don Arts
Германия Don Arts Finn-lukas Salomon UOL USE USE
Польша Rawil
Польша Rawil Szymon Zakrzewicz ARR GRD GRD
Эквадор Wamdejo
Эквадор Wamdejo Sebastian Lema GSE GSE GSE
Эквадор Sky
Эквадор Sky David Estrella GSE GSE GSE
Колумбия lll
Колумбия lll Juan Pablo Ramírez Ramírez AWK AWK AWK
Испания Viketox
Испания Viketox Víctor Navarro Ramos RBLS RBLS RBLS

LOL Transfers: Teams Acquiring Top Skills

As a fan of League of Legends, it might be exciting to catch up with the latest LOL transfers.

Like other sports, transfers happen when a team needs good money and can only be achieved by recruiting the best players. Teams work hard for better returns; thus, most invest in highly skilled players to accomplish the goal. So, who are the latest signings and what teams have they joined? Find out!


Understanding League of Legends

Among the many online games, LOL makes one of the most loved sport. It has thousands of worldwide following as players and fans compete to determine who the pro is. Among the main objectives is to abolish enemy structures, including turrets. Turrets survive lots of damage; when other minions are absent, the turret overcomes damage towards a champion if they are in the turret range. During a turret attack, as a champion, you need several minions to help you in attacking. In addition to this; the game requires:

  • Lane control- is achieved after leveling up, killing minions and enemies, and defending structures and turrets. If champions fail to pay attention to lane control, they are likely to fall behind.
  • Leveling up helps in fighting and staying away from the enemy of your team. Leveling up needs competent skills that you acquire from kills.
  • Baron pit- includes Baron Nasher and Rift Herald. Baron Nasher gives a strong buff to all players who get the last Baron hit. Rift Herald spawns close to eight minutes and can go for another round, provided the players kill it before it reaches thirteen minutes and forty-five seconds during the game.

If you can adhere to these objectives, you help your team focus on its goals and purposes. This pursuit is best achieved with the best LOL players. Therefore, you must consider higher-ranking transfers, as you pursue your objectives.


Players Contribution to LOL Competitions

League of Legends has various categories in which champions can participate, depending on their abilities. As a champion, you should understand how to play to gauge your suitability for a match. Consequently, champions’ performance on their role is critical. They roles include:

  • Mages- are suitable when it comes to distance scenarios. When well protected, they cannot be vulnerable to attacks and can deal with damages.
  • Assassins- are champions suitable for quick firsts and can jump to safety. They move quickly and deal with the damages of a single target.
  • Tank- used as a damage sponge.
  • Marksmen- suitable for dealing with damage from a distance.
  • Bruisers or fighters- they can take and deal with lots of damage.
  • Support- they amplify the abilities and strengths of other team members.


Top LOL Transfers

Excellent players have the most desirable skills; you attract more teams looking for such talents. There are notable players in the League of Legends –here are the most recent LOL transfers:

  • Aria- was a former player of Detonation FocusMe and has joined KT Rolster.
  • Rekkels- joined Karmine Corp from G2 esports. It was after G2 esports went through a tough game season and lost the Worlds 2021. The team emerged the third and fourth during the summer and spring split.
  • Perkz- transferred from Cloud9 to Team Vitality. He played LEC for five years and later joined LCS, where he played for a year and is now back to LEC. His record for good performance is what enhanced his return to LEC as he focuses on pushing Vitality to greater heights.
  • Bjergsen- joined Team Liquid from TSM. He played for TSM for eight years and after losing the regional splits. Team Liquid is likely to benefit from his experience and excellent leadership skills.

LOL transfers keep happening throughout the seasons and can be non-exhaustive; look out for the latest signings by following your favorite players and teams.